July 13

Tired of waiting for “word of mouth” to pay the bills?


Then we have something you may need to stop relying on old-school referrals. We call it ClientSaber and it is powerful enough to fill your inbox with hot web design leads and catapult your profits.

ClientSaber solves a problem many freelance web designers face. You are good at what you do, and you don’t mind spending long hours developing awesome websites for your clients.

But you might be struggling when it comes to finding clients and marketing your services using word of mouth referrals or competing with other freelancers on job sites.

So, your income could go up one month…and down the next.

With ClientSaber, you can significantly cut down the time you need to find the list of websites that may need your help.

With this platform’s easy-to-use and streamlined market research tool, you can easily find companies across different verticals without responsive websites who urgently need your services.

Leverage “Mobilegeddon”

In 2015, Google already warned companies to make their websites responsive…or be buried under their responsive competitors in mobile searches, a.k.a “Mobilegeddon.”

There are still over 9 million non-responsive websites in the US alone, which means millions of prospects for you!

Over hundreds of meetings and pitches, we discovered that “telling” a company about Mobilegeddon was effective…

But through ClientSaber, you can generate customized reports that you can use to show your clients how their competition was kicking their a-ses on mobile. We have done this and our closing rates increased by 200%!

Market Research + Customized Reports + Email Outreach = Increased Profits

Aside from ClientSaber’s amazing research and reporting tool, we also added another feature to complete your arsenal.

With the automated email outreach, you can easily send emails containing the customized and branded reports to your prospect clients. Then…wait for HOT leads to contact you!

With your leads flowing and your profits skyrocketing consistently month after month you’ll be free to focus on delivering value to your clients instead of chasing and hoping for business – and you’ll enjoy more time and freedom in your life.

Gear up with ClientSaber

As we’ve said, ClientSaber is powerful enough as your ally in saving the universe from bad web design. We are still in beta version, so we would love your thoughts and experience.

See you around.

Photo by Artem Bali from Pexels


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Tired of waiting for “word of mouth” to pay the bills?

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