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About ClientSaber

Your Lead-Generating Sidekick

You are on a mission: save the universe from bad web design. But before you can save those poor souls, you need a powerful sidekick to find them. Introducing ClientSaber - your ally in filling your inbox with hot web design leads and skyrocketing your income. 

Probably you are just a simple freelance web designer trying to make your way into this mess of a universe. But surely you got skills. HTML and CSS? You eat them for breakfast. UX and UI? Easy as ABC. Finding clients? 404 Page Not Found! 

You are not alone. Many freelancers have experimented with nearly every method of getting new clients to keep the engines running. Hundreds of hours have been spent into job sites, cold-emailing prospects every day, passing out business cards, walking into offices. These are all familiar scenes to you.

It's a struggle trying to make it as a freelancer, and it takes a lot of hustle. So we have created ClientSaber to help you easily find clients and reach them without draining your bank account.

ClientSaber is an all-in-one, powerhouse marketing platform not only for freelance web designers but also for agencies to skyrocket their revenue by 70 to 120%!

Who's Behind ClientSaber?

ClientSaber is the brainchild of Greg Shanken. He believes in the power of technology to help freelance web designers and agencies grow their business.

Greg is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gloss - a digital marketing agency based in Boulder, CO. 

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